10 Maintenance Things Every Driver Should Know How To Do

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How can you avoid unexpected auto issues while you’re on the road in Naperville? Your Acura TLX or RDX comes with a manufacturer-recommended schedule for routine checks and services. Automotive maintenance schedules are designed to take the guesswork out of auto maintenance by checking for common issues at specific mileage and time intervals. Mechanical issues are unavoidable, but sticking to a service schedule means you’re more likely to catch them early and avoid costly repairs.

While most maintenance tasks should be taken care of by a professional, there’s a lot you can do at home to help keep your car be its best self. Check out these 10 DIY automotive maintenance tips to keep your Acura from McGrath Acura Westmont running smoothly:

10 Car Maintenance Tips You Should Know

  1. Keep up with your car’s routine maintenance schedule. Track all maintenance work that’s done on your Aura vehicle so you know when it’s time to check in next. Staying on schedule is crucial for getting ahead of common car problems!
  2. Know your owner’s manual. You can find rule-of-thumb answers to any car question online, but only your Acura vehicle’s user manual has answers specific to your make and model. Your manual will also tell you how to interpret dashboard warning lights, and to recognize other signals that your car needs professional attention at a service center.
  3. Use the right fuel. Your Acura vehicle has a recommended octane rating, so take another look at your owner’s manual to make sure. Some performance engines can be damaged by the wrong fuel type!
  4. Perform a vehicle inspection at home. With a few quick checks on the various systems in your car, you’ll know if it’s functioning as it should — or if there may be a problem brewing.
  5. Inspect the engine air filter. Check your engine’s air filter regularly to make sure no debris or dirt is clogging it up. If the filter looks dirty, grab a new filter from our parts center, and ask a technician how to replace the old one.
  6. Check the engine oil level. Refer to your owner’s manual to locate the oil dipstick under your car’s hood. Follow the steps in your manual to check the oil level and color. Add more if the level is low, and stop by for an oil change if the oil is dirty or contains debris. If you choose McGrath Acura of Westmont for this service, we offer special rates for Westmont drivers!
  7. Check the engine coolant. Check the level in the engine coolant reservoir as well. Low coolant levels can cause engine overheating, so this easy check is crucial!
  8. Check your tires. Regularly check your tire pressure and tread depth. A tire pressure gauge makes it easy to check pressure at home, and you can use a penny to measure the depth of your tire treads. Slide a penny in between two treads, Lincoln’s head first. If the tire covers the top part of his head, your treads are looking good. If none of his head is covered, your treads are worn and it’s time for new tires!
  9. Inspect the windshield wipers. During rainy drives in Elmhurst, you want to be certain your windshield wipers will work correctly. If you notice streaking or skipping when using your wipers, then they should be replaced.
  10. Inspect light bulbs. Check the brightness of your car’s headlights and interior lights every so often to be certain they’re still keeping you safe at night.

Westmont Drivers Trust McGrath Acura of Westmont for Quality Service

Remember, staying on top of your car’s automotive maintenance schedule is your number one defense against unexpected car problems. Not only that, but scheduling maintenance on time will add resale value if you decide to trade up or sell your car. Our service team is happy to answer any follow-up questions about routine maintenance for your Acura like how to reset tire pressure lights and so much more – just get in touch!

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